Hello again to you all

15 May 2013

“Hello again to you all!!! I thought I would put on some pics that I have been taking around here the last few weeks of the scenery! I haven’t been taking as many as I would like, because I forget to take my camera everywhere, but oh well online marketing….

There isn’t much going on around here out of the ordinary!!! Mom has been doing pretty good health wise, and still wonders what in the world caused all the problems she had a couple weeks ago. I keep checking up on her when we are at work and around the house here, just to make sure she still feels ok. She has learned to take it alittle slower when she bends over and stands back up, etc. The other day we were talking about different things we felt and went thr
ough that memorable Thursday, when she went to the hospital, and comparing stories of what happened from our different views. She started laughing and said how she thought it was rather humerous how she got asked again and again what her name was, and when her birthday was. She KNEW why they were asking, and what they were asking luxury brand,

but I guess it kinda struck her funny how every single person that came around, of the EMT’s and the hospital personnel, would ask her what her name was, and birthday. They were making sure she WASN”T having a stroke, and also making sure she wasn’t confused, etc. It sure makes us both so thankful that she is fine again, and seems healthy and back to normal for the most part anyway garage storage!




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