A long dormant Mei

27 Dec 2013

Perhaps born love cold

Always in the winter has not come

My heart will have a sense of fear

So often fantasy

You can also like an animal

This is how romantic

If it can

That life is no longer in winter

No longer afraid of cold

No longer afraid of loneliness

Is no longer worried about carrying miss

Every day is studded with ice like looking

Perhaps it is too afraid of winter

Love always fancied himself a plum tree

The stubborn stand in the top of the mountain

Ling Han alone against the world

Hand in hand with smile and clouds

Hug andembroidery by beads snow

Perhaps the winter too quiet

The bare branches

Under the overcast sky spread of Bacillus subtilis

No wind is unusually cold

The body tightly crouched in the thick clothesInformation Security

Excitation not half silk inspiration

Always thought that this winter bleak

Heart always eager to snowmetal iphone case

Snow hiding in the heavenly palace has refused to meet

Throw away the depressing black cotton padded clothes

Wearing a new jacket leave it is beautiful

Bloom as yellow heart one sunshine warm




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